My story

Dr John S. O. Famodimu

Dr. John S. O. Famodimu’s life is synonymous to that of the Apostle Paul in the Holy Bible, who was a very religious Jew until he met Jesus Christ. Dr. Famodimu grew up in a Church where their system of worship was Judaic and Animistic in nature. When the Lord Jesus Christ called him to be a minister, he began his innovative teaching that leads People to acquire faith in the Word of God that makes all Things possible.

The author is the founder of the Christian Youths for the Better World International Ministry, Inc. He is also the founder and president of the Absolute Faith® In Jesus Christ Ministries, Inc. A ministry that has spread the Word of God Worldwide. On July 19, 2009, he was ordained to the office of Bishop by his denomination. Dr. Famodimu’s is being inaugurated as a Peace Ambassador by the United Nations since year 2001.

Dr. John S. O. Famodimu’s ministries and messages have helped thousands of lives to obtain salvation as well as physical and spiritual freedom. He was educated in Nigeria, West Africa, and in the United States of America. While he was born in Nigeria, he now lives with his wife and children in New York, USA. He is an innovational teacher in business, political and Christian leadership growth.