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We live in a time when Satan is leading many church and denominational leaders, churches, and religions without Christ to become either God’s enemies or disobedient people of God. Syncretism, lies, liberalism, homosexuality, worldliness, hypocrisy, pluralism, and animism have invaded many churches. Professed church leaders and their members, who are supposed to be the light of the world, are being found guilty of unexpected social sins like adultery, fornication, idolatry, and homosexuality. I give thanks, glory, and honor to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit for giving me the wisdom, knowledge, courage, power, and opportunity to write Absolute Faith in Jesus Christ in response to these trying times.

I have written this book for all people, both old and young. I have not written it to condemn any denomination, religion, or individual. I have written it for these reasons:

·         To bring all human beings back to God

·         To let everyone know Satan has taken over the control of many of the existing ministries and churches around the world

·         To tell people in all religions what they are missing in their life if they do not accept Jesus Christ as their Mediator, Lord, and Savior

·         To make readers aware spiritual forces are behind the daily activities of human beings—either the Holy Spirit or an evil spirit, depending on which people or organizations have allowed to control their life

·         To alert practicing Christians that hidden sins in their life open the door for Satan and his demons to invade and take control

·         To let the whole world know we are living in a world where much power is wielded, but the greatest power comes from trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation

People seek protection and power every day—in many ways and many places. Reading this book will lead you to the only source of true power: Jesus Christ.

I urge you to take time to read this book. You will surely be blessed physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

·         You will be convinced many churches have lost faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ alone. Satan, idols, jealousy, voodoo, power struggles, love of money, sex scandals, homosexuality, and other sins have replaced their love for God.

·         You will also be convinced that any religion or individual who does not accept Jesus Christ as his or her only personal Savior and Mediator will not enter the kingdom of God.

·         You will learn the only way to live a fear-free life.

·         You will be led to the only source of real power, power greater than Satan, your enemies, and all workers of darkness.

·         You will learn how you can grow spiritually so you will not feel any need to seek help from false prophets, false pastors, false churches, psychics, voodoo priests, Imam, or fortune-tellers.

·         You will understand why the blood of Jesus Christ is totally distinct and different from that of any other human beings, religious founders, or leaders.

·         You will learn that anyone without Jesus Christ is a slave to Satan.

·         You will learn that anyone who continues to maintain his or her spiritual relationship with Adam or a generation of Adam is under the control of Satan and his demons.

·         You will learn that a true Christian is a person whose life is conformed to the character, image, and likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

·         You will learn that Jesus Christ controls the holistic life of a true Christian.

·         You will learn how to activate Christ’s name and His blood to destroy and conquer Satan and his demons. Since Jesus Christ shed His blood for all the human race, Satan and his followers can be destroyed under your feet if you accept Jesus Christ genuinely and spiritually into your life (Jeremiah 17:5-7; Luke 10:17-19).

In this book, I expose the secret behind the power of Satan and his followers. Through God’s Word, I reveal Satan’s plans for you, all churches, and non-Christian religions. I detail the steps you as an individual need to take to overcome Satan’s destructive plans.

The drama in the Garden of Eden among Satan, Eve, and Adam led to the fall of mankind and caused humanity to reject the living God as their Lord and God and choose Satan instead. Thus, when God was giving His people the Ten Commandments, He stressed they should accept Him in thought, word, and deed as Lord and God.

You have one life to live, you are enjoy your life to the fullest. Visit any bookstore to request a copy of this book,

Absolute Faith In Jesus Christ: Utilizing the Power of Faith and Positive Thinking to Attain Your Life Purpose and Destiny

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